Litterbug Recording Company is a record label founded in 1998 by David Dewese and Chad Edgington. We named it after one of our old bands. Instead of sending a demo, you should just start a record label too. We found it to be really easy to sign yourself.

Chad & Melissa Edgington
Beautiful Feet
Released: 2014

David Dewese
Upside Down
Released: 2012

David Dewese
Next Christmas
Released: 2009

David Dewese
Make The Best Of It
Released: 2008

The Luxury Liners
Released: 2006

The Luxury Liners
Released: 2003

The Luxury Liners
Believe EP
Released: 2001

The Luxury Liners
Sound As Ever
Released: 2000


I Saw The Ocean is the SESAC-affiliated music publishing company of David Dewese. That's me. The name comes from a lyric in my song "Breezy." My songs have appeared on record, stage, radio, film and TV.